Manifesto / for suburbia

The Ten Commandments of Suburbia


  1. Thy streets shalt be scooped of poop
  2. Thou shalt watch thy neighbour
  3. Thou shalt form an orderly queue
  4. Thou shalt DIY in honour of thy bank holiday weekends
  5. Thou shalt not double-park (unless on school run)
  6. Thou shalt recycle in coloured bins
  7. Thou shalt honour thy neighbour’s hedge
  8. Thou shalt daily artisan bread
  9. Thou shalt Ocado
  10. Thou shalt not cause a fuss


The Suburban Manifesto represents a set of values/regulations identified as important by the inhabitants of suburban Britain. Published as typographic public notices, reminiscent of the government guidance offered to the population in times of crisis, these signs confirm a set of collective beliefs while reaffirming them to the newcomer/visitor. In this series of larger-than-life statements, community values of decency and tolerance form a restrained response to the current socio-economic crisis. Souvenir tea towels of recent (UK) general election proclamations are also available for each home/maker: a set of pledges set not in stone but printed onto cloth, a comforting reminder of government promises in colourfully table linen. Combining a heritage of craft with scything critical commentary the tea towel is both aesthetically engaging and functional and can easily be discarded when the message has worn out. These Ten Commandments embody an inflexible set of behavioural boundaries by which we are all happy to live, with a hint of the sinister and apologetic.

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