Vote for X! The X is Dead! Long Live X!

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In socio-cultural contexts X can operate as a ‘metasign’, taking a number of forms while remaining pervasive in all messages. In design practice the ‘metasign’ is comparable with the trope: an image, object or event that embodies a prevailing mindset or aesthetic.

In an exhibition timed to coincide with the UK General election in May 2015, X is framed as a contemporary trope representing democratic protest. X is specific yet blank: it is my individual vote, our collective voice.

X is a sign for climate change (; XXX is the subcultural mark of Straight Edge or sexual extremes; X is the right to say ‘yes’ and the dynamic sign for ‘no.’ By challenging absolute interpretations of this sign, my exhibition sought to inspire visitors to use their vote: to use their own X. In this context, X represents a multiplicity of voices, ideas, opinions, communities and individuals.

Have your say. Use your X. Vote for X!

(all photos by Paul Jenkins©2015)

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“A rich and diverse range of topics were covered at the inaugural Face Forward International Typography Conference which took place over two days in December 2015, in Dublin, Ireland. Sara Jamshidi, until recently Design Observer’s senior designer, attended the peer-reviewed conference at which typographic identity, authenticity, ethnicity, and security through disciplines as disparate as linguistics, philosophy, history, and architecture were explored. Sara, along with four attendees, wrote dispatches from the conference, which we are featuring this week.” 39202-Screen_Shot_2016-02-04_at_12.44.42_PM