Vote for X! The X is Dead! Long Live X!

P1000139.JPGP1000058 P1000038

In socio-cultural contexts X can operate as a ‘metasign’, taking a number of forms while remaining pervasive in all messages. In design practice the ‘metasign’ is comparable with the trope: an image, object or event that embodies a prevailing mindset or aesthetic.

In an exhibition timed to coincide with the UK General election in May 2015, X is framed as a contemporary trope representing democratic protest. X is specific yet blank: it is my individual vote, our collective voice.

X is a sign for climate change (; XXX is the subcultural mark of Straight Edge or sexual extremes; X is the right to say ‘yes’ and the dynamic sign for ‘no.’ By challenging absolute interpretations of this sign, my exhibition sought to inspire visitors to use their vote: to use their own X. In this context, X represents a multiplicity of voices, ideas, opinions, communities and individuals.

Have your say. Use your X. Vote for X!

(all photos by Paul Jenkins©2015)

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